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      Shop a Wide Collection of Rare and Unique Polymer Banknotes on Our Ecommerce Website Our ecommerce website offers a diverse range of polymer banknotes from all over the world. These banknotes are made of a unique, durable material that is more resistant to wear and tear compared to traditional paper banknotes.

      Polymer Banknotes (147)

      Libya 1 Dinar Polymer Banknote Very Fine

      Rs. 155.00

      Saudi Arabia 5 Riyals Used Banknote

      Rs. 190.00

      New Zealand 5 Dollars Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 495.00

      Australia 5 Dollars Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 495.00

      Australia 10 Dollar Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 890.00

      United Arab Emirates 1000 Dirhams Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 29,990.00

      United Arab Emirates 500 Dirhams Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 14,900.00

      Maldives 500 Rupiyaa Used banknote

      Rs. 3,750.00

      Romania 1 Leu Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 95.00

      Mauritania 1000 Ouguiya Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 995.00

      Vietnam 10000 Dong Polymer Fine Banknote

      Rs. 85.00

      United Arab Emirates 50 Dirhams Very Used Polymer Banknote (Sheikh Zayed)

      Rs. 1,795.00

      Canada 20 Dollars Queen Elizabeth II Used Banknote

      Rs. 1,990.00

      Brunei 50 Ringgit 50th Anniversary of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne Folder Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 9,900.00

      New Zealand 5 Dollars Very Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 495.00

      Brunei 1 Dollar Used Polymer Banknote Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

      Rs. 395.00

      Vietnam 20000 Dong Very Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 350.00

      Romania 20 Lei Fine Banknote

      Rs. 1,195.00

      Guatemala 1 Quetzal Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 295.00

      Tonga 5 Pa'anga Fine Banknote

      Rs. 1,390.00

      Samoa 10 Tala Commemorative Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 1,050.00

      Macedonia 10 Denari Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 65.00

      Samoa 10 tala, VF polymer Banknote - Rugby team

      Rs. 795.00

      Samoa NEW 5 Tala UNC Polymer Banknote (B123a)

      Rs. 395.00

      United Arab Emirates 5 Dirhams Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 195.00

      Romania 50 Lei Aurel Vlaicu Used (Polymer) Banknote

      Rs. 1,290.00

      Nicaragua 20 Cordobas Fine Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 230.00

      Malaysia 5 ringgit Used polymer Banknote

      Rs. 165.00