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      World Banknotes (1848)

      Canada 20 Dollars Queen Elizabeth II Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 1,995.00

      Indonesia 10000 Rupiah Very Used Banknote

      Rs. 145.00

      Zimbabwe 100 Dollars UNC Banknote

      Rs. 30.00

      Afghanistan 1000 Afghanis UNC banknote

      Rs. 65.00

      Turkmenistan 1 Manat UNC Banknote

      Rs. 95.00

      Kyrgyzstan 1 Som UNC Banknote

      Rs. 95.00

      Falkland Islands 20 Pounds - Elizabeth II Used Banknote

      Rs. 3,990.00

      Jamaica 100 Dollars Polymer UNC Banknote

      Rs. 295.00

      Macedonia 10 Denari UNC Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 60.00

      United Arab Emirates 5 Dirhams Used Polymer Banknote

      Rs. 195.00

      Vanuatu 200 Vatu Banknote UNC

      Rs. 690.00

      Sierra Leone 20 Leones Banknote UNC

      Rs. 295.00

      Nigeria 200 Naira UNC Banknote

      Rs. 195.00

      Russia 50 Rubles Fine Banknote

      Rs. 190.00

      Namibia 10 Dollars UNC Banknote

      Rs. 395.00

      Libya B527(P63) 1/2 dinar Used Banknote

      Rs. 290.00

      Philippines 20 Piso Very Used Banknote

      Rs. 50.00

      Philippines 20 Piso Used Banknote

      Rs. 90.00

      Guinea 100 Francs Very Fine Banknote

      Rs. 90.00

      Lesotho 50 Maloti UNC Banknote

      Rs. 795.00

      Madagascar 5000 Ariary UNC Banknote

      Rs. 295.00

      Singapore 10 Dollars Used Banknote

      Rs. 1,490.00

      India 2 Rupees Governor S.Venkataraman Used Banknote

      Rs. 30.00

      India 2 Rupees Governor S.Venkataraman Used Banknote

      Rs. 35.00

      India 2 Rupees Governor R. N. Malhotra Used Banknote

      Rs. 30.00

      India 2 Rupees Governor S.Venkataraman Used Banknote

      Rs. 30.00

      Uganda 1000 Shillings Used & Damaged Banknote

      Rs. 95.00

      Ukraine 100 Hryven Used & Damaged Banknote

      Rs. 895.00