Uruguay 50 Pesos Commemorative Banknote



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Uruguay 50 Pesos Commemorative Banknote

A commemorative note of 50 Peso Uruguayos issued to celebrate the 50th year of the creation of Banco Central del Uruguay (Central Bank of Uruguay). The bank was first established on 06.07.1967 and it is located in the capital city of Montevideo. This note is printed on polymer material and this is the first polymer ever issued by the bank. A total of 10 million notes have been issued for this celebration.

On the front the anniversary logo is printed on the right hand side and the year date of 2017 (1967-2017) is located next to it. On the back, it depicts a street scene with building and a bus in a form of a painting by both Walter Deliotti and Joaquîn Torres García. The design of the transparent window is in the shape of Uruguay.

This note was issued on 14.09.2018 by the president of the central bank Mario Bergara.

Signatures: President – Mario Bergara

Uruguay 50 Pesos Commemorative Banknote

Uruguay 50 Pesos Commemorative Banknote


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