Singapore $20 Bird Series banknote



  • USD: $49.21
  • GBP: £38.15
  • EUR: €44.20
  • IDR: Rp694,399.98
  • MYR: RM204.05
  • AED: د.إ180.52
  • RUB: ₱3,154.27
(Approx. $49.21)


Singapore $20 Bird Series banknote

Condition: Used

The Monetary Authority of Singapore issued Singapore Dollar banknotes in 12 different denominations, including this 20 Singapore Dollars banknote (Bird series). They are part of the withdrawn Singapore Dollar banknotes series. The Monetary Authority of Singapore started issuing these 20 Singapore Dollar banknotes in 1979. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1999.

This twenty dollars banknote is 149mm wide by 72mm high. Printed on the paper note is the text ‘Singapore’. The bird on the front of the $20 note is a yellow-breasted sunbird. On the backside of the 20 SGD note is the supersonic passenger airplane Concorde, flying over Singapore Changi International airport.

Singapore $20

Singapore $20


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