Ceylon Colombo VOC – One Stuiver 1783 – 1795

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Ceylon Colombo VOC – One Stuiver 1783 – 1795

Single Stuivers VOC coins from Dutch Mint of Colombo. On the advice of the mintmaster, Fredrik Damman, the Council of Colombo, resolved on 1783 February 13th to have Dudus of 4 Doits (1 Stuiver) copper dump coins struck.

Obverse : VOC monogram, below C (Colombo).
Reverse : .:. I .:. above STUIVE(R) above year 1786
Both sides within bead and line circles.

In October 1787 the Mint of Colombo was located In the “Bangzaal” near “Kaymans Poort”, under the sworn minter Rynier Hendriksz.

VOC monogram of the Dutch East India Company has a large V superimposed on OC.

Denomination One Stuiver
Alloy Copper
Type Struck
Diameter 21. mm
Thickness  mm
Weight Legal 13.35 gms
Weight 13.76 gms
Shape Round
Edge Dump
Mint Colombo


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