Banknotes By Country

A-Z World Banknotes List From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, with over 200 countries in Between.


Flag for British West Africa British West Africa

Flag for British Caribbean Territories British Caribbean Territories

Flag for Barbados Barbados

Flag for British Honduras British Honduras

Flag for Bourbon, Isles of Bourbon, Isles of

Flag for Bohemia and Moravia Bohemia and Moravia


Flag for Caribbean Territories, British Caribbean Territories, British

Flag for Comoros Comoros

Flag for China, Republic of China, Republic of

Flag for China, Empire of China, Empire of

Flag for Cayman Islands Cayman Islands

Flag for Chad Chad

Flag for Curacao Curacao

Flag for Confederate States of America Confederate States of America

Flag for China, Russian China, Russian

Flag for China, Japanese China, Japanese

Flag for Central African Republic Central African Republic

Flag for Congo Democratic Republic Congo Democratic Republic

Flag for China, Taiwan China, Taiwan

Flag for China, Manchukuo China, Manchukuo

No flag available for Central African States Central African States

Flag for Czech Republic Czech Republic

Flag for China, Puppet Banks of China, Puppet Banks of


Flag for Dahomey Dahomey

Flag for Danish West Indies Danish West Indies

Flag for Danzig Danzig


Flag for East Africa East Africa

Flag for East Germany East Germany

No flag available for Equatorial African States Equatorial African States

Flag for East Africa, German East Africa, German

Flag for East Timor East Timor

Flag for Empire of China Empire of China

Flag for European Union European Union

Flag for Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea

Flag for East Africa, Italian East Africa, Italian

Flag for East Caribbean States East Caribbean States

Flag for Equatorial Africa, French Equatorial Africa, French


Flag for French Guiana French Guiana

Flag for French Pacific Territories French Pacific Territories

Flag for French Afars and Issas French Afars and Issas

Flag for French India French India

Flag for French Somaliland French Somaliland

Flag for French Antilles French Antilles

Flag for French Indo-China French Indo-China

Flag for French Sudan French Sudan

Flag for French Equatorial Africa French Equatorial Africa

Flag for French West Africa French West Africa

Flag for French Oceania French Oceania


Flag for Gabon Gabon

Flag for German Democratic Republic German Democratic Republic

Flag for German South West Africa German South West Africa

Flag for German East Africa German East Africa

Flag for Gibraltar Gibraltar

Flag for Greenland Greenland

Flag for Guinea, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese

Flag for Gdansk Gdansk

Flag for German Federal Republic German Federal Republic

Flag for Germany, East Germany, East

Flag for Gilbert and Ellice Islands Gilbert and Ellice Islands

Flag for Grenada Grenada

Flag for Guiana, British Guiana, British

Flag for German New Guinea German New Guinea

Flag for Germany, West Germany, West

Flag for Guadeloupe Guadeloupe

Flag for Guiana, French Guiana, French


Flag for Honduras, British Honduras, British

Flag for Hawaii Hawaii

Flag for Hejaz Hejaz


Flag for Indies, Netherlands Indies, Netherlands

Flag for Isle of Man Isle of Man

Flag for Italian Somaliland Italian Somaliland

Flag for Indo-China, French Indo-China, French

Flag for Isles of France and of Bourbon Isles of France and of Bourbon

Flag for India, French India, French

Flag for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Northern

Flag for Ivory Coast Ivory Coast

Flag for India, Portuguese India, Portuguese

Flag for Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Republic of

Flag for Italian East Africa Italian East Africa


Flag for Japanese Invasion of China Japanese Invasion of China


Flag for Korea, North Korea, North

Flag for Korea, South Korea, South

Flag for Kiau Chau Kiau Chau


Flag for Luxembourg Luxembourg

No flag available for Leeward Islands Leeward Islands

Flag for Liechtenstein Liechtenstein


Flag for Martinique Martinique

Flag for Montenegro Montenegro

No flag available for Malaya and British Borneo Malaya and British Borneo

Flag for Mauritania Mauritania

Flag for Morocco Morocco

Flag for Madeira Islands Madeira Islands

Flag for Man, Isle of Man, Isle of


Flag for Netherlands Indies Netherlands Indies

Flag for New Guinea, Netherlands New Guinea, Netherlands

Flag for North Vietnam North Vietnam

Flag for Netherlands New Guinea Netherlands New Guinea

Flag for New Hebrides New Hebrides

Flag for New Caledonia New Caledonia

Flag for North Borneo, British North Borneo, British

Flag for Norway Norway

Flag for Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles

Flag for New Guinea, German New Guinea, German

Flag for Newfoundland Newfoundland

Flag for Nyasaland and Rhodesia Nyasaland and Rhodesia


No flag available for Oceania Oceania

Flag for Oceania, French Oceania, French


Flag for Pacific Territories, French Pacific Territories, French

Flag for Portuguese India Portuguese India

Flag for Palestine Palestine

Flag for Persia Persia

Flag for Puppet Banks of China Puppet Banks of China

Flag for Panama Panama

Flag for Portuguese Guinea Portuguese Guinea


No flag available for Qatar and Dubai Qatar and Dubai


Flag for Republic of China Republic of China

Flag for Rhodesia and Nyasaland Rhodesia and Nyasaland

Flag for Russian Invasion of China Russian Invasion of China

Flag for Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland

Flag for Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Southern

Flag for Reunion Reunion

Flag for Rwanda-Burundi Rwanda-Burundi

Flag for Rhodesia Rhodesia


Flag for Saar Saar

Flag for Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, Italian

Flag for South Vietnam South Vietnam

Flag for Southwest Africa Southwest Africa

Flag for St. Lucia St. Lucia

Flag for Saint Helena Saint Helena

Flag for Senegal Senegal

Flag for South West Africa, German South West Africa, German

Flag for St. Pierre and Miquelon St. Pierre and Miquelon

Flag for Sudan, French Sudan, French

Flag for Saint Lucia Saint Lucia

Flag for Sarawak Sarawak

Flag for Senegal and Niger, Upper Senegal and Niger, Upper

Flag for South Yemen South Yemen

Flag for Sudan, South Sudan, South

Flag for Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Flag for Slovakia Slovakia

Flag for Southern Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia

Flag for St. Helena St. Helena

Flag for Straits Settlements Straits Settlements



Flag for Vietnam, South Vietnam, South

Flag for Vietnam, North Vietnam, North


Flag for West Africa, British West Africa, British

Flag for West Indies, Danish West Indies, Danish

Flag for West Africa, French West Africa, French

Flag for Western Samoa Western Samoa

Flag for West African States West African States

Flag for West Germany West Germany


Flag for Yemen Arab Republic Yemen Arab Republic

Flag for Yemen Democratic Republic Yemen Democratic Republic

Flag for Yugoslavia Yugoslavia